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At Coach for Artists we understand better than others what you endure as we interact with international for over fifteen years.



If your state of mind right now sounds close to:

I feel I am at a turning point” or “I feel artistically disoriented” or “My career expands fast and I have no specific strategy” or ‘I am not as successful as I used to be” or “I Feel a bit down on my inspiration”   or,

“Art is in my DNA but I need to find my own path”, “I should create/re-design my website”, “I should price my art”, “How do I get in touch with a gallery?”, “I should communicate, but how?”

No worry, those feelings and questions are common, and reflect you want to grow,
which is a good point






We provide an external eye to examine your art. No judgment but a caring respectful approach.

At coach for artists we examine, the content, the technique, the consistency of the entire body of work in order to provide useful recommendations.

The benefits for you:

  • Re-gain self confidence,
  • Re-boost your creativity,
  • Find new direction to you creativity



Regarding your art and your thoughts about where you want to go, we help you to build a custom plan to grow locally or expand internationally your career.

We help you find new resources to find new path to grow. We define with you a new career strategy. Sometimes, it might happen that all together Coach for artists finds out that a different career would better suit your personality

The benefits for you:

  • Give the right pace to your career,
  • Find a mi-term and long term visibility,
  • Re-gain confidence in your future,
  • Give a new orientation to your career


You can’t ignore that the Art Market is now global, meaning lots of new artists from all over the world come to compete into the the worldwide art market. You need to know it, and you need to adapt. In that context of globalization, communication is critical.

Communication is: how you speak about your art and how you speak about yourself in person. Coach for artists help you through all those aspects with one on one meetings (Los Angeles area).

The benefits for you:

  • You understand what communicate to others about your art means
  • You get a better perception of yourself
  • You are able to do some adjustments


Same as for Communication, in the context of globalization your presence on the web is indispensable. No presence on the web means you don’ exist. Period.

We help through the construction of your dedicated website: architecture, aesthetic, content to make it nice, easy to use, and fast to read for the visitors.

We help you to understand which social media to use and what content is bet best for each one.

The benefits for you:

  • You’re on the web, so you exist as an artist!
  • You have the right decent tool to present your art
  • You can handle it by yourself, add more images, texts
  • No one will ask you a monthly payment for the updates!


This is essential to have your website and a good presence on the web, but it is even more critical to put the right images and the right content to it.

We help you with the content with writings in English or French. The explanation of your work must be consistent. Your statement must be consistent as well. Your text presentation to the Press, to an Art Gallery or an Art collector, must be adapted to the person you contact.

The benefits for you:

  • You can use professional oriented texts
  • Good writings allow to complement your image as an Artist
  • Good texts give a good perception of your art.

Interested in  A, B, C, D, E or, combine a package?

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Who can apply?

Artists of all nationalities and ages, practicing those disciplines: Photography, Video, Painting, Drawing, Thread, Performance, Land art, Sculpture etc..

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