C’est quoi le coaching?

C’est un service assez utilisé aux Etats Unis.

  • Soit en début de carrière: le coach vous accompagne dans vos débuts d’artistes afin de vous aider à trouver la direction adaptée à votre art et vos souhaits.
  • Soit en milieu de carrière afin de donner à votre art et/ou votre carrière un nouveau souffle

Ouvrez le site http://www.coachforartist.com/ et actionnez le bouton traduction à droite en français. Et pour toutes questions complémentaires, contactez moi via l’email coachforart@gmail.com

I am an artist, why would you say I need your coaching services?

I offer different levels of consultation, custom and always positive & caring.

  • You might need an external eye either on your artwork or on your artwork or on your career or on your website or all of it.
  • If you have no website, I can design and build one for you.

What’s the difference between a Coach and an Agent?

Traditionally a Coach follows you through all the steps to a success that will match with your personality and your art that will fulfill your requirement. An Agent finds a gallery and negotiate your production of art. Of course it is possible to be both, a Coach and an Agent.

Saying “I’m a Coach for artists” means I focus more on “who you gonna be as an artist” to help you build solid foundations to vision a long-lasting career more than a short term success based on one series or two. BCh

Coaching is online?

Yes, we communicate via your and my email. I know very well the pros and cons, the limits of an artwork shown on the web. This is my job for 19 years. Besides this is more economic for you.

Do you do one-on-one coaching session?

Of course if you live in Los Angeles, I can drive up to your Studio.  I will meet and your art in person, which I do appreciate, but it will increase a bit the pricing of the consultation.

How much does it cost to hire you?

It depends on your question so it may vary according to the time spent to analyze your work, your image


Why would you say you good at being a coach?

You’re right this is all about trust between you and me. I can say that artists do like my external eye for more than 19 years and they are always amazed when I bring some new ideas on the table.

Of course, for me it’s difficult to argue more because “confidentiality” is the core of my relation with you!

However here are a few testimonials http://www.coachforartist.com/testimonials-after-art-coaching/